Wednesday, September 5, 2012

County Exec Walker Still Costing Milwaukee

So remember when Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker fabricated a $17 million county deficit so he could stick it to unions and forced them to take unpaid furlough days in conflict with their contract?

No? Well if the scenario sounds familiar to you it's because it was a dress rehearsal for what Walker would do as governor.

So, Walker's illegal maneuver (which everyone told him would be overturned in court) was overturned in court (again) this week. Daniel Bice wrote a column that exposed the $4.5 million it's going to cost the county in back-pay plus interest.

Well before you get too worked up about it, you should know it's really more like $10 million.

The great Chris Liebenthal over at Milwaukee First gives the entire story that Bice didn't get around to. Skip Bice's column, and go directly to MF instead.