Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Screwed The Pooch Today

The famous "47%" video did a lot of damage to Mitt Romney's lifelong ambition to be President. Will the video alone prove to be fatal? Maybe. Let's not underestimate the Paul Ryan Veep pick which has been showing signs of actually dragging Romney down instead of helping.

However, Ryan's appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning may not just have killed Romney - it may have killed Ryan's career too.


"I don't have time" Did ya hear that?

(He tried to play it off ala Rick Santorum and his "blaaa people." You can even see Ryan's face register the panic when he realized what he was saying and with a late sentence attempted save with "it would take me too long...")

Too late. That one is gonna ring in his ears forever if Joe Biden and Rob Zerban have anything to do with it.

Ryan's big plans for Medicare and Social Security were already becoming a drag on the ticket. From the New Republic:
"Back in late August, Obama led Romney on the question of who would handle Medicare better by 8 points in Florida and 10 points in Ohio; now he’s up 15 in Florida and 16 in Ohio. And the problems are especially acute among senior citizens, a group Obama has traditionally struggled with. A month ago, Obama was down 13 points in Florida among people 65 and older; today he’s up 4. On the specific question of Medicare, Obama was down 4 points among Florida seniors in August; today he’s up 5 points."
"The numbers for Ohio are similar: In August, Obama was down 8 among seniors in the state; today he's up 1. A month ago Obama was down 6 points among Ohio seniors on the Medicare issue; today he's up 6. The turnaround here is simply breathtaking."
As Ryan's voucher program really starts to sink in people don't like it and he knows it. That is why he won't talk about how much Mitt Romney's tax plan will cost because it maintains the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, increases defense spending and cuts lots of social programs like Medicare and raises the age requirement for Social Security - and he can't and won't say it out loud because it would cost him the election.

He pays for closing the loopholes on the backs of poor people, children, veterans and the elderly. Don't think so? Make him say otherwise - Chris Wallace just tried this morning and Paul Ryan didn't have the time to explain.

Find out more about Rob Zerban, Ryan's challenger for Congress. The Siren bets he has some time to explain Paul Ryan's plans to you.