Thursday, September 20, 2012

Look Who's Strapped To Mitt's Station Wagon Now

Seamus may be long gone, but Mitt Romney has a new purebred strapped to the top of the family truckster.

Poor Paul Ryan has discovered that Mitt ain't pulling the station wagon over no matter how many times he craps himself.

Forced to cover for Mittens remarks that pissed off half the United States population, Ryan said Romney was "obviously inarticulate" and then went on to agree with Romney completely... even if it wasn't a good choice of words.

There is universal agreement (even among conservatives) the wheels are coming off the Romney caravan. Paul wishes he could go back to the good old days of having to defend his lies about his marathon time and the GM plant closing. The larger problem for both Romney and Ryan is that during this secretly taped mega-bucks dinner, not only was Romney more relaxed than the public has seen him, but he actually sounds like he believes every word he said.

The general public - when viewing the tape - identify more with the waiters in the room than the paying guests. That's very bad news for R&R.

Romany may have said it, but Ryan wrote the map. Everything they said about protecting the most vulnerable is starting to sound like a lie. The kind of lie only moochers and freeloaders would believe.