Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lyin' Ryan: American Psycho 2.0

The zombie eyed granny killer is at again.

It's not a great thing to be known for distorting the truth when you want to be Vice President...ask Sarah Palin.

It's worse by far to become known as a serial liar who inspires their own Twitter hashtag...ask Clint Eastwood.

Paul Ryan was in deep with his convention speech which was called into question by journalists before he was done speaking.

That bullshit about the GM plant closing raised the ire of Janesville workers who went on national TV last night to talk with Ed Schultz to set the record straight:
"President Obama, then Senator Obama, had nothing to do with the decision to close our factory. That was an outright lie." 
"Where Congressman Ryan failed us, is when these employees needed it most, and to pull a stunt that he did at the Republican National Convention, and use the closing of this plant and to disgrace the plight of these workers when even today four years after the closing of this plant we have families separated. We have moms and dads that drive four or five states away to come home on the weekends to see their families. [Cheering from people in room.] And to use that and to turn this plant closing and into a political football is shameful and he ought to be ashamed of himself and we ought to be ashamed of him. [Cheering from people in room.]"
Very awkward for the Congressman don't you think? But, it gets worse.

Last week in an radio interview, Paul Ryan did a little bragging about his sporty self and the topic of running came up. Asked if he had done any marathons, Ryan admitted he did not any longer because of a hurt back. Ryan was then asked what his personal best was back in the day.
"Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something."
That's what is called a sub-3 race time - and if you are a runner - it's a big deal. What got people's attention to the comment was the "something" part. If you are or know a runner, when discussing race times they are NEVER vague about their race times. They know the exact time.

If Ryan had run a sub-3 marathon you can bet your ass he'd know the exact time. So the questions started to surface and by last night a Ryan spokesman admitted that Ryan had only ever run one marathon as a 20 year old in Minnesota and his time was 4 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds...a mediocre time especially for a guy in his 20's. Sarah Palin ran a sub-4 when she was 41 years old.

Enter the Twitter hashtags.

Ryan was already working a good one called #LyinRyan on the twitter feed, but that wasn't quite good enough given his newest tall tale and so #RyanFacts was born.

#RyanFacts are things that Paul Ryan said he did that of course aren't true. He are a few of our favorites...

All this could be seen as an amusing diversion. However it is worth remembering if Paul Ryan is willing to lie about a plant closing which tossed his friends and neighbors into permanent unemployment and he is willing to lie about his accomplishment in running a race from 20 years ago, what isn't he lying about?

When he says he wants to "protect" Medicare, why should anyone at all believe him?

Paul Ryan is a serial liar, a craven opportunist who will climb over the bodies of the Janesville workers to get to the White House.