Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lyin Ryan: Oh NO! Not The Powerpoint

Nothing, I say NOTHING fires up a crowd more than a PowerPoint presentation.

Just hand me the bullet and I will manually insert it into my brain, gladly, rather than sit through a Paul Ryan PowerPoint.

After getting booed by the AARP and then booed again in front of his mother, Paul Ryan has retreated to his old trick of hiding behind graphs and charts to bore people into such a stupor they forget that the policies he proposes are not just extreme - but immoral.

People of the 1st congressional district have silently bore Ryan's indulgence of hearing his, and only his, voice speaking during "Listening Sessions" for 14 years. It has produced endless jokes about who is actually doing the listening...Hint: it ain't Ryan.

It is quite hilarious to have discovered that in the midst of a flaming poop bag, also known as Mitt Romney's campaign for President, Ryan has desperately pulled out his favorite trick to avoid having to hear what real people think about his ideas.

Republican spokespeople and surrogates have commented that Ryan's return to his bullshit, factually skewed and unimaginably boring PowerPoint crutch is just Ryan doing what has worked for him back home for more than a decade.

Don't believe it. It's them saying we can't afford another video clip of old people booing him. Truth.

H/T Cognitive Dissidence