Monday, September 3, 2012

Nope, No Crazy Shootouts Here In Wisconsin

What a complete fucktard Scott Walker is. Truly, he is a cross-eyed sociopath mutherfucker AND a lousy governor. The Siren hopes every single tooth in his mouth abscesses at the same time forcing him to gum his dumbass statements for the rest of his life like the moron he is.

Whooo! It's whoop ass time, and the Siren has a family-sized can to open on our asshole gubner.

At the RNC convention last week - as you can imagine - all the big right-wing groups had booths to sell their  wares...John Birch Society, Focus on the Family, Right to Marry Your 1st Cousin League and of course the NRA.

It just wouldn't be a party if someone didn't bring the guns.

So, some jerkwad from the NRA who has a weekly news show is interviewing people attending the convention and his big "get" of the day is to talk with Scott Walker. So bubba asks Walker since he bravely passed concealed carry of handguns "how have the crazy shootouts been?"

(See, he's being sarcastic - in case you don't get gun humor.)

Walker plays along and says:
"Well as you can imagine all the hysteria went just the opposite way...But none of the hysteria, none of the bad things we heard talked about. Instead what we saw was law-abiding citizens having the ability to exercise the right to protect not only themselves but their family and property."

Right. Got that? No "crazy shootouts" since we passed concealed carry according to our mentally deficient governor.

Except he forgot one didn't he? Maybe because it was an international incident he wasn't capable of remembering. Let's remind him shall we?

Maybe a half-dozen dead people killed by a neo-nazi in their own church in a crazy mutherfucking shootout just isn't memorable for Scott know it happened all the way back last month.