Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paul Ryan: (Not Very) Proud To Be An American

God bless the USA...never more heartfelt than on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

This is why it was so stunning that Mitt Romney didn't even wait until after midnight on September 11th to criticize the President of the United States over a tweet sent out by the Cairo Embassy - posted by American workers who were trying to subdue anger outside their embassy walls.

Four Americans would die before the night was over. Now, it is beginning to look like the Benghazi incident was coordinated to take advantage of the protest over the anti-Muslim movie with the September 11th date as a bonus.

It is also why Reince Priebus should be shit-canned by the RNC immediately for tweeting President Obama was sympathizing with attackers - that it was sad and pathetic. Priebus did this while U.S. embassy's were still burning and Americans were in danger.

Fast forward a few hours later, Romney running-mate and candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan hitting the campaign trail yesterday was perhaps less blunt in his comments about the events unfolding in the Middle East - but was no less disgusting.

With protest crowds still outside the embassy in Libya, tear-gas being used outside the Cairo embassy and growing protests in Yemen (that this morning would leave one protester dead) - this is what Paul Ryan had to say about America and the President:
“This administration’s policies project weakness abroad.”
"I believe the president's defense cuts breed weakness." 
“It’s very important that a president speak with a single voice representing our principles and our values.” 
A statement meant to illustrate that Barack Obama was not representing American principles...said while American lives were at that very moment still in danger.

To criticize the POTUS and American policies during an international crisis with American's already dead is the job of the fucking terrorists NOT Paul Ryan! 

If true that terrorists planned a deadly attack on Americans on September 11th, Ryan's criticisms are even more despicable - capitalizing on the deaths of American's to look more qualified for the job as Vice-President should sicken every person who loves this country.