Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Jesus Told 'Mr. Racine' To Let Inmate Escape

Oh, well in that case, never mind...

Is it just the Siren who finds it more than a little skeevy that 'Mr. Racine' Mark Eickhorst is using Jesus as a human shield to explain why he broke the rules for inmates on work release that ultimately resulted in the assault of a woman - who until that moment thought she was safe?

Seriously...Eickhorst said he was just trying to be a good Christian as an explanation for why he let inmates use his cell phone, get clothes and food from friends and family members and allowed a prisoner with a record of domestic violence go visit his girlfriend - that he had already assaulted - while Eickhorst waited in a truck outside.

Mark Eickhorst wasn't trying to be like Jesus - he was trying to be Jesus - and that is a completely different situation entirely. Using the WWJD defense is a wormy way to justify letting yourself become party to a crime...which is what we think Eickhorst should be charged with.