Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still Waiting For JT Story On Vos Voter Fraud...

The Racine Journal Times devoted hundreds of words to the Racine voter fraud non-scandal. It covered many a front page...dumpsters, open bags and the Sheriff's investigation which showed it was Republicans who broke the laws in their effort to keep people from voting.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board even published detailed guidelines for polling place observers in response to GOP tactics that took place in Racine.

One would think after all that drama if a case of deliberate voter fraud took place in Racine - where a former state resident lied to election officials about living in Wisconsin - and voted THREE times after she swore to the State of Idaho she was resident - the JT might want to write about.

It was a story then - and now that proof has been established, notarized and filed - how come it's not a story now?

Well - because the fraudulent voter was State Representative Robin Vos' estranged wife, Samantha and Robin Vos is a member of the Journal Times editorial board.

The Siren knows the JT doesn't have the brass to publish the story, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't.