Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vos Voter Fraud Complaint Filed With Racine DA

After all the headlines and hoopla, a real live voter fraud complaint was recommended by the GAB and was filed with the Racine District Attorney's office yesterday.

Surely you must have seen the giant headline in the Journal Times that was printed NEVER in the last few days.

(We are still waiting for confirmation from the JT as to Vos' position on the editorial board which may explain why something that is most certainly a news item hasn't made print.)

Anyhoo, it seems that the GAB, not having jurisdiction over voting matters in Idaho recommended that the complaint be forwarded to the Racine District Attorney's office...a little awkward for the Republican's over in that office.

Robin Vos's estranged wife, Samantha allegedly voted illegally in Wisconsin 3 times after establishing residency in Idaho...making Van Wanggaard's and Robin Vos' accusations of fraud somewhat more legitimate (and ironic) - except the votes were quite likely for him. Lolz.

While Vos and the JT wait for this matter to go away quietly, the Sheriff's office will be investigating.