Thursday, September 27, 2012

Watch This: Local Reporter Calls Out Paul Ryan

Does anyone really understand sequestration? It's one of those political words everyone kinda pretends to understand - which is why when Paul Ryan started yapping about how President Obama was gutting the defense budget and how he, Paul Ryan, was against the sequestration that included it - it was hard for the everyday Joe to understand what lying sack of shit he is.

Norah O'Donnell from CBS grilled Ryan last week and pointed out in an interview with Ryan that he voted for the cuts himself and now says he was actually against them - but didn't quite explain to the casual watcher the mechanics of Ryan's complete fabrication of the truth. Ryan squirmed a lot - but it took a nobody from Cincinnati yesterday to really explain what Ryan's vote lie was all about: News, Weather 

The Siren loves that what it actually took for the reporter to make the lie understandable was to shut off Ryan's microphone and explain it to the viewers himself. Awesome. CBS owes that guy a few bucks.