Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WTF? Paul Ryan Lied About His Body Fat Too!

Oh, for cryin' out loud. Is there NOTHING Paul Ryan won't lie about?

To date, in his double bid to become Vice President and be reelected to the House, Congressman Paul Ryan has lied about Medicare. He has lied about defense spending and he lied about unemployment numbers just this last weekend.

Paul Ryan has lied about the closing of the GM plant in Janesville. Ryan lied about the US credit rating and debt commission.

Ryan's entire career facade as a 'deficit hawk' is a complete lie.

Of course there was the mountain climbing fiasco and then the mother of all lies: THE MARATHON.

This is the lie that will stay with Ryan for the rest of his career. (Hey, isn't that the guy who lied about his marathon time?)

It all adds up to completely fulfill the "Lyin Ryan" moniker.

Well, Ryan just isn't quite finished lying about himself it appears. This new revelation is actually an old lie that people took at face value until the pile of lies got so high, people started fact-checking EVERYTHING Ryan said including the time of day.

A couple of years ago in an interview, Ryan talked at length about his workout routine and his love of P90X. he spoke at length about it in a video. Ryan brags:
"I keep my body fat between 6 and 8 percent."
That impressive BMI got lots of play when Ryan was tapped to be the VP candidate. People marveled and joked about it and the number was widely repeated - and Ryan never refuted it. None of us schlubs stopped to ask if that could possibly be true - is Ryan's body fat somewhere in the 7% range?

Well, it turns out it isn't - another exaggeration by Mr. Wonderful. What is with this guy?

The New York Times - no less - has weighed in (pun!) this morning to say that only elite athletes have body fat that low and while Ryan may be in good shape - as we know from his marathon time - he ain't an elite athlete.

Salon goes on to compare that kind of claim to be even lower than the BMI of Tour de France cyclists and in the range of Olympic sprinters. The Siren did a quickie online check and if Ryan's claim of being 6'2" and 163 pounds - guessing a waist size of 32" - Ryan would have a body fat percentage of approximately 16%.

That's a healthy range, but double what Ryan has claimed his to be.

Those of us here in Wisconsin who have watched Ryan in action for years already know he lives in an alternate universe where he's the smart guy and you simply just can't understand the facts. Ryan is notoriously thin-skinned and vain - quick to ridicule and mock those who oppose him... asking the kid who needs a job if he wants some candy and mocking the old man who was literally dragged out of a luncheon that he hoped "he took his blood pressure medication."

The national realization of Ryan's pathological need to lie is welcome news - however even we are surprised by his arrogance...and it's only September!