Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Assembly Race In The New 62nd Offers Vos-Lite

Loser, Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Weatherston and Lucifer
When Robin Vos tried decided to redistrict Cory Mason in an overly Republican map that couldn't be won by even Ronald Reagan, Cory Mason gave him the finger and moved.

That left the old seat open. But before Mason's departure was known - Caledonia trustee, Tom Weatherston was hand picked by local Republicans to run against Mason.

Weatherston, a known teabilly, has raised nearly $29,000 just a shade more that his Democratic opponent, Melissa Lemke. Oddly, out of all that cash Weatherston has loaned himself almost $23,000 - not raised it from individual contributors. It's nice he's got the cabbage to fund his new hobby, but it doesn't show much grassroots support in the community...maybe they are all tapped out from donating to Scott Walker's legal defense fund.


So if you check out Weatherston - he is a veteran, so that's cool. Almost makes up for the 20% drop in Caledonia property values - but not quite.

Weatherston is also very chummy with the usual suspects in the county GOP. It's fair to say if being last in job creation, endless lawsuits and tossing out corporate tax breaks to companies that never hire anyone sounds exactly like what you are looking for in a representative - then Weatherston is your guy.

As a matter of fact, he's Vos-lite. Perfect.