Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cap Times Editorial: Dump Vos

It probably isn't gonna break Robin Vos' heart the Madison based Cap Times recommends the people of Racine County vote him out of office in November. Their condemnation of Vos probably isn't gonna make a big difference to his supporters who would vote from him no matter what.

But it should.

Vos drew himself a nice safe district to run for assembly and ensure himself the coveted Speaker's position. But he made a mistake - he included Burlington in his new district.

Maybe not a deal breaker, but in 2008 Burlington came just dozens of votes away from an Obama win and was the source of over 8000 recall petition signers - a group of people not overly impressed with Little Lord Pops-the-Corn and his Koch-sucking ways.

Vos ties as state co-chair of ALEC is reason enough to vote him out of office, his unrepentant and sometimes petulant responses to the appropriateness of ALEC's role in writing corporate friendly legislation for Vos to shove through the Madison legislature is another. The questions that surround ALEC's naked bribery under the cloak of a charitable organization stink higher than Racine county cabbage fields.

Vos has been mute on the subject of ALEC since 40 corporate giants have severed their ties this year...leaving Vos basically alone at the party with Charles and David Koch...and their billions of dollars.

It was Vos who masterminded the legislator secrecy agreements signed by Republicans over the redistricting process. Legislators who failed to sign got shown a district map in the form of a pink slip.

The Cap Times correctly points out it was Vos who stopped state budget deliberations to shove through a Koch approved Voter ID law. (Dig Daddy didn't like the looks of Barack Obama's chances in Wisconsin and needed to make sure the proper suppression efforts were in place before November. That, of course was before the Kochs promised Mitt Romney an extra big dollar bonus if he chose Paul Ryan for Vice President.)

However, if there is any one reason Racine should vote Vos out (and there are many) it is his utter failure to pass coherent legislation that doesn't ultimately end up in a lawsuit that either gets overturned or blocked.

Seriously. Vos has endless money, he had a GOP majority and the bills quite literally written out for him and he couldn't make them stick. Dumbass. Voter ID, Act 10, redistricting - all mucked up by lawsuits. EXPENSIVE lawsuits. Ethics complaints - sloppy. His wife's voter fraud accusations - embarrassing.

If a guy with 4 aces can't close the deal and just pass a legally binding bill, even Racine conservatives should hold him accountable.