Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GOP: Again With The Rape?! No Condemnation From Ryan

You know, one weird statement about rape and pregnancy from a Republican running for office in 2012 would be an anomaly. Nothing to get all worked up over. However statement after statement from Republicans about women who get pregnant from rapes (over 30,000 each year) could lead one to believe that running through the entire Republican culture is a really fucked up ideology that apparently no one recognized until they started saying out loud - what heretofore had only been said in private.

So Richard Mourdock, a Senate candidate from Indiana thinks that conception is a gift from God...even conception that is a result of rape. That is why Richard is more than comfortable saying that women (or girls) who become pregnant because - say Uncle Bob (or Dad) raped them - should not be able to legally opt for an abortion procedure because it was God's will.

Got that ladies?

The pregnancy your 12 year old daughter carries as the result of criminal incest or that your best friend now discovers after a brutal rape is God's plan and as a Senator, Dick Mourdock wants to make sure your child and friend carry that pregnancy to term as a matter of governmental legislation.

Well, not just Democratic women find this notion disgusting. So do a whole bunch of Republican women - as well as the men who love them.

This is why Mitt Romney kinda/sorta disavowed Dick Mourdock yesterday - but guess what? Romney's running-mate, Paul Ryan hasn't disavowed Mourdock. Ryan even gave Mourdock $5000 from his own PAC in June.

Why? Because Paul Ryan agrees with him. Rape and incest are just another "method of conception" and a woman's body is merely the vessel in which God's will is done.

Don't bother yourself with HOW that pregnancy got there, that's irrelevant.

This might be time to point out that no matter how disgusting you may find Mourdock's position on rape - it's still more moderate than Paul Ryan's position. Mourdock at least allows abortion exceptions when the life of the woman is at stake. Women aren't so lucky in Paul Ryan's opinion on the subject.

Yet another embarrassing, yet truthful, statement from the colleagues of Paul Ryan which exposes exactly how extreme and dangerous this guy really is.