Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here Come Da Judge Scooter

The RWNJ's of Wisconsin would like everyone to think that Scott Walker's subpoena to testify in the trial of former aide Kelly Rindfleisch is no big deal.

Don't believe it.

Getting subpoenaed as a sitting governor to testify against a staff member that you hired in a case of professional misconduct is a big deal.

Worse, what she is accused of doing is far from the most despicable of the activities filed against folks in the Walker crew - she only used public money and public time to raise funds for Walker's hand-picked Lt. Governor candidate. It's not like she stole cash from wounded veterans or set up a secret-off-the-record internet system so the public wouldn't know what they were up to during working hours.

For being not the worst of the lot, Rindfleisch is charged with four felony counts. Makes one wonder what everyone else will be charged with.

Anyhoo, Governor "We're Happy to Cooperate" will appear in court when the trial begins next week.

Walker bought himself two more years in office with a $45 million dollar recall - plenty of time to see what John Doe will turn up next.