Monday, October 15, 2012

King Of Fake's Pretend Photo Op About As Real As Campaign Promises

The photo below is a picture of Congressional and Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, washing pots at a soup kitchen in Ohio the other day. There are two things wrong with this picture...

While a campaign stop in a place like a soup kitchen to engage with those who could use some good news is a routine event (even for those candidates who off camera might think those folks should be taking some responsibility for their lives instead of spending so much time laying around in the safety net/hammock the government provides for them) Ryan brought his wife and kids along as human shields - just in case someone said it out loud.

Anyhoo, on to the picture... By the time the Ryan posse got there, the meal was over and everything was cleaned up. A shame for the public. So Ryan put on an apron and proceeded to start washing pots that were already clean,reminiscing about his time spent washing dishes before he met Jana and became a millionaire.

Yep, instead of using the time to address the real live challenges Americans face just finding a meal - Ryan pretended to wash dishes as if that was an actual solution to the needs of the organization and the people it serves.

Does the Siren need to make the ironic metaphor more clear?

The other thing wrong with the photo is the press corp took pictures of him happily pretending to be helpful as if it was real. Hours later, someone finally pointed out what the public was seeing was staged.

A sadder commentary about the state of media today cannot be easily found.

So there you have the Romney/Ryan campaign in a nutshell: Pretending to help while actually doing nothing.