Friday, October 12, 2012

"Mister" Ryan Goes To School

You know that guy who goes to community college and takes up the entire class yapping and proving he's the smartest guy in the the community college. That guy inevitably moves on to a big university and suddenly discovers that the entire university is full of people like him...and way smarter.

It was kinda like that.

Last night "Mister" Paul Ryan discovered that being the smartest guy in the room in Janesville doesn't prepare you much for being in a room with a guy who was first sent to Washington when little Paul was toddler.

If you are reading this from other than SE Wisconsin, you cannot know the sheer joy people here are feeling to have watched Mr. PowerPoint get schooled on the facts. Joe Biden interrupted, pointed his fingers and ultimately mocked Ryan's memorized litany of fact-free bullshit...and it was music to our ears. "Malarkey" was trending on Twitter before the debate spanking was over.

The Siren could have watched that shit all day!

We also learned that Ryan asked for primo moderator Martha Raddatz to not refer to him as "Congessman" Ryan but as "Mister" Ryan. Congress' nearly single digit approval rating may have something to do with that decision - and let's not ignore Ryan's particular role in that reputation. We wouldn't want to remind the American people either.

However, if you are a guy how wants to be re-elected to Congress you best not try to run away from the title. You can bet that dickish move will not be lost on Congressional opponent, Rob Zerban or on the people back home in Wisconsin.

Ryan's primetime pencil neck routine was not the only bad part of his day. That afternoon, Time magazine released photographs of Ryan from a 2011 photo-shoot. The Siren saw them earlier in the day and assumed they were just more Photoshop fun...but they weren't. Ouch!

Ryan looks like a cast member from "Saved by the Bell", the one who spilled bong water all over the carpet with his dumbbell. Naturally the Romney/Ryan campaign complained about the release of the hilarious photos. Only Paul Ryan could retroactively blame Time for photos he dressed up and posed for.

Which, BTW is everything you really need to know about Ryan's performance last night. It was the Joe Show.