Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Randy!

Hey! Remember when Randy Hopper got caught drunk driving and instead of taking responsibility for a really dangerous decision, Hopper claimed he was set up by police officer's who were out to get him because of his union busting ways. Can't blame him it worked...then.

Randy Hopper just got arrested AGAIN last night for drunk driving, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass at his ex-wife's house.

After the events yesterday in Brookfield and a deadly spousal killing - this is no joke.

So Hopper is now on unpaid leave from the last job he'll ever get cashing in on his political connections and was booked at the Fond Du Lac jail, posted $500 bail and waited for the shit to hit the fan.

Hopper became an official embarrassment just after lunch.

So let's talk about the mugshots. Last year's mugshot looks more like the politician, Randy Hopper and even in an inebriated state, her gave us a bit of a smile.

Yesterday's mugshot - not so much.

2012 Randy Hopper looks a little sadder and a good deal older. No jaunty glasses, no windswept hair and it seems in a predictive choice of clothing - Hopper left the house for his crime spree already attired in a prison orange t-shirt.

Well, Hopper is going to have a much harder time convincing a judge he was set up this time. But you know who really might have a bigger problem with Hopper's union busting past?

Corrections officers. Damn.