Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Robin Vos' Handpicked Assembly Candidate Is A Real Maroon

Campaigns are hard. No doubt about it. Even mastering smallish Assembly campaigns is a skill and requires either a smart candidate or at the least a smart campaign manager. A dumb campaign manager can make or break the reputation of the candidate with one bonehead mistake...and that is why you shouldn't pick a neighbor, son in law or your nephew just out of college to run the details of your campaign.

The Siren doesn't know who is running Assembly candidate, Tom Weatherston's campaign. Maybe no one and Tom is just making this up as he goes along. We do know that Robin Vos picked him to run against Cory Mason this fall. When that didn't work out, Weatherston was poised to take on a newbie.

Today, Tom Weatherston should be hoping that all those people he sent his 4-color print mailing to don't really look at it too close. Why? Well there are a couple of problems.

First, Weatherston used not one but THREE registered trademark logo's in the photographs. You can clearly see the Milwaukee Brewers logo on his T-shirt in the bottom right-hand photo - it is combined with a recognizable UW logo.

Then, a little smaller but very visible in real-life is the Harley Davidson logo on the motorcycle he is standing behind.

Anyway, this is a big no-no. Laws surrounding fair use are tricky and a candidate is toying with fire especially if the use of the logo appears to be endorsing the candidate.

The Siren called the Milwaukee Brewers office this morning and asked the if they had granted Weatherston permission to use their logo in his campaign ad and if the Brewers were endorsing Weatherston as a candidate for State Assembly.

They didn't know who he was and said they never endorse candidates for office. So, that's a no. They also didn't think it was too funny either.

The other MUCH more funny thing about Weatherston's mailing was the disclaimer at the bottom. Take a look:

"Paid for by friends & neighbors of Tom Weaterson, Dave Wyatt Treasorer."

We're gonna assume that it was meant to say "Weatherston" and "Treasurer." He didn't even fucking spell his own name correctly on his own flyer!

Now a lot of Weatherston supporters are gonna say we are nit-picking on poor old Tom, but really - are we?

This is a guy who wants us to hire him to make state law. The kind of law that effects kids, old people and the environment. Is it really too much to ask on one of the first things he puts his name on as a candidate to at least spell his own name right?