Friday, October 26, 2012

Ryan's Staff To Walker's Staff: Ixnay Ethay Ordway "Imulusstay"

Pig Latin to English Translation: Nix The Word "Stimulus"

New emails released today through a freedom of information request by the AP show that Paul Ryan's staff coordinated with Scott Walker's staff to refrain from mentioning Ryan's name in certain project announcements that were awarded with stimulus fact Ryan's people asked for Walker's people to check to see where the money came from.
"Not to create more work for you, but do you have any idea where the money for this grant came from? Was it stimulus/the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?" Seifert replied. "Our concern is that, if it's stimulus funds, we won't want to highlight (and would think you guys wouldn't, either) . . . We generally don't do press on things we actively oppose."
Remember how stimulus-basher Ryan got caught having requested stimulus funds four times. First he denied it, then had to come clean.

Sounds like he may have anticipated the political fallout long before the media did.

BTW, the AP received over 1,000 pages of emails between the two offices late today - which is known as a Friday news dump. Give the kids a few days to comb through all of them - we bet there might be even more gold.