Friday, October 5, 2012

The Pfister Is Gonna Get Pfeisty For Lyin Ryan On Saturday Night

Lyin Ryan has made the time to be back in Wisconsin on Saturday - not to debate  his congressional opponent, Rob Zerban - but to hold a fundraiser at the beautiful Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

Tickets are $1000 per person, but if you'd like to get a little closer, a private dinner costs $15,000 a couple and go up to $100,000 for those wishing to be recognized as a "Founding Partner."

No, the Siren is not joking. Sounds swell doesn't it?

So, there are more than a few people a little peeved that Ryan has taken the time to raise money in Wisconsin, but not to debate Zerban. 50,000 people actually. Zerban's campaign delivered a petition signed by more than 50,000 people asking Ryan to debate to his Janesville office this week.

Ryan's staff has had nothing to say about it except that Joe Biden didn't debate his opponent when he was running for Vice President. Well, Biden was wrong and so is Ryan.

A few of those 50,000 people are planning to show up at the Pfister Hotel on Saturday at 5:30 pm to demand that Ryan debate Zerban...and the tireless Overpass Light Brigade with their clever Light-bright signs will be there as well.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

If you would like to participate, be at the Pfister Hotel at 424 E. Wisconsin Ave. by 5:30 pm. Unlike Ryan's event, the rally is free and open to the public.