Saturday, October 20, 2012

There Was A Old Greedy Man

Tommy Thompson used to be a good politician. Even if you didn't agree with him, Tommy Thompson could run a campaign and play up his Wisconsin roots in a way that struck most people as authentic.

Say what you will, it's a quality a super-rich guy like Mitt Romney would buy if he could.

Over the years, too much power, too much money and it looks like too much booze has turned the one time Governor into a belligerent dick. What happened?

Tommy Thompson is addicted to politics and even though the political landscape these days might as well be Mars to the relatively moderate conservative politician, he's willing to turn tricks for the teabillies to get his next hit.

A move that has left pretty much everyone kinda grossed out.

After the Governor's mansion, the money, the boardrooms, the live in mistresses and too, too much booze - Tommy wants to be a Senator.

He's got no ideas, no solutions and sold out just about every position that used to get him elected just so he can stand on a tiny stage in Sturtevant with Ted Nugent in front of three dozen teabillies.

He wants it that bad.

Sadly, his two debates with opponent Tammy Baldwin have only made that more clear. His own words have served to embarrass him further - when his own son isn't doing it for him. Then there is the Iran thing.

Thompson has been hammering Baldwin for not supporting Iran sanctions in Congress until she decided to run for Senate. It's a "meh" debate position that only got really interesting when Baldwin's campaign discovered that Thompson had significant investments in companies doing business in Iran.

So what did Thompson do about it? He sold the stocks just hours before his second televised debate with Baldwin...and like a guy who drank the last beer but doesn't want to admit it, he gave an open hands "who me?" kinda explanation.

Thompson can't figure out why this is all so hard. He doesn't quite grasp the YouTube video world where is words have actually been permanently recorded. Instead of having retired to his big house in Florida (one of the four houses that he forgot about in a casual tally of his houses with the press) and his millions of dollars - he has become the nasty old man seated at the end of the bar - bloviating and bellyaching about what is wrong with the world and drunk-driving back to his house in a dinged Cadillac.