Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vos Calls Fraud Charge Disgusting...He Would Know

Robin Vos isn't so smirky this morning after the Journal Times was pressured to stop sitting on their hands over the voter fraud complaint filed against Robin Vos' runaway wife and finally got around to printing a story about it this morning.

Once the Patch ran a lengthy and well-researched article Monday night, the JT looked...shall we say, either asleep at the wheel or willfully ignorant.

Vos called the complaint a "disgusting" and politically motivated. He claimed the complainant drove five hours to act out a personal vendetta against him.

Don't flatter yourself bub.

After Vossy's flunkies climbed literally and figuratively through the garbage to discredit the recall election in Racine where his buddy, Wanggaard lost - an effort that resulted in lots of press and not one single charge - it is irony of the highest order that it was Vos' own wife that voted falsely.

Disgusting indeed.