Sunday, October 28, 2012

Voter Fraud Squad: Romney Hires Beauty Queen To Train WI Poll Observers

WI Republican Party Legal Counsel, Part-time
Model and Former Pageant Contestant, Kristina Sesek 
It's a little like a TV episode: Republican legal counsel by day and part-time model by night.

Well, actually it's exactly like a TV episode.

The Wisconsin Republican Party & the WI Romney campaign hired Kristina Sesek to be their legal counsel and barnstorm around the state teaching the tea party set how to sleuth out voter fraud in the land of brownish skinned folks on Election Day.

To be fair, Kristina is a Marquette Law School graduate - she graduated all the way back in 2011.

(Just in case you think the Siren is being naughty, the picture on the left of hottie Kristina is the one she uses on her Linked In page touting, legal skills.)

Kristina is also represented by CMG Talent of Daytona Beach as a model and in 2004 Kristina was a contestant and delegate to the Junior Model UN Miss Wisconsin Teen USA pageant.

So it's kinda funny and interesting that Kristina's background is in the pageant circuit. After all  it's not like she's the spokesperson for a Governor who used to be a Hooter's girl.

According to Wispolitics, when Kristina is not working she'd rather be "practicing hot yoga". Hot indeed fellas.

Kristina is a cutie for sure - who wants to be trained in poll observation by a paunchy, bald, paranoid nut-job when you can cast your eyeballs on the former Miss Milton instead?

So Kristina hit Racine last Thursday night on behalf of the Romney campaign to hold a poll observer training at the Racine Victory Center over on Durand Ave. Judging from the photos we received, the crowd was exclusively white and tipping the scales beyond "middle" in age. Hey, that's cool - who else has got the time to sit on their ass on a weekday casting silent aspersions on the "urban" folk?

What wasn't so cute was the stunning election misinformation Sesek passed on to grandma and grandpa - either because she's dumb or because having misinformed poll observers just might suck up enough of the Chief Elections Inspector's (CEI) time to make working people stand in line just a little bit longer.

Hint: We don't think Sesek is that dumb.

So let's review some of the incorrect, illegal and just creepy poll observation tips the Romney campaign passed along to their designated poll observers:

Romney Campaign PowerPoint Document
Don't Sign in as a Republican
Poll observers must sign in at the polling place.  The sign in sheet asks name, address and the organization you are representing. One of the first tips in the program and in the Romney PowerPoint is instructions to not say who they are representing.

Republican poll observers are asked to sign-in as "concerned citizens" rather than as GOP or Romney observers. Sesek tells the group if pushed by the CEI they can say they are Republican - but it is clear this is not preferable. Her spoken reasoning is that it will avoid extra "animosity" and the chances of being removed if the place is cleared with too many partisans.

Romney 3 by rootriversiren

(Another reason she did not mention - plausible deniability - for say a Republican operative that decides to put on an angry guy polling place floor show that embarrasses the party.)

Kristina also advises that observers not write their name on the tag they are given at the polls. No organization? No names? It seems as if you were truly there for honorable reasons you wouldn't try to conceal who you are.

You Cannot Talk To Poll Workers Except to Ask Them These Things You Can't Ask Them
Printed almost immediately in the Romney PowerPoint are the instructions not to interfere or delay the voting process and everyone knows poll observers are required to take their concerns directly to the CEI.

Poll observers are not allowed to engage in conversations, questions or comments directed at poll workers or to voters. Poll workers and voters may ask a poll observer a question or for assistance - but it comes from them first. Got it?
Example: Poll Worker: "You are not allowed to be closer than 6ft from the registration table, can you please step back?"
Poll Observer: "Yes, of course. I apologize."
Romney Campaign PowerPoint Document
Well Kristina has a few exceptions to that rule not completely outlined in the written materials...

She advises grandma and grandpa if they cannot hear the voter say their name and address when announcing themselves at the poll book table, they should instruct the poll worker to ask the voter to repeat it louder.

Doh! So close Krissy!

The poll observer can ask the CEI to ask the poll worker to ask the voters to speak louder. The observer can't ask the poll worker themselves.

Kristina also tells her new recruits if they cannot see or tell what kind of proof of residence a voter is offering when registering to vote - they are to ask the poll worker what exactly the proof of residence document is.

Romney 1 by rootriversiren

That advice will get Kristina's observers kicked out in time to be home before "Ellen" starts.

Observers do not have the right to inspect proof of residence documents and they do not have the right to ask poll workers what the documentation is. So says the GAB but not sexy-sexy Kristina.

Marquette Law School has a sad.

Ms. Sesek and the Romney campaign have some funny ideas about voter eligibility too. Considering all their money, it doesn't really seem like too much to ask for them to get it right. There are a several mistakes and a weaselly worded description of felons - go figure:

Romney Campaign PowerPoint Document
If They Can't Have Voter ID They're Gonna Lie About Drivers Licenses
Ms. Sesek first pedals an awfully big lie about voter registration ID requirements. The Romney campaign PowerPoint states that in order to register to vote a "WI driver's license number or WI ID number is required (whether current, revoked, expired or suspended)." 

Not only is this wrong - but grandma and grandpa are gonna go ballistic when they see poll workers not following sexy Kristina's rules and become even more sure those "urban" poll workers are voter fraud conspirators.

It will never dawn on them that Kristina is a dumbbell and got the law wrong.

The Romney documents state that if you ever had a Wisconsin DL# even one that may have expired 25 years ago you must get that number in order to vote. You have three options: 1.Go home and get it. 2.Call the DOT or 3.Vote with a provisional ballot.

Here's what the law really states (emphasis ours):

"If you have been issued a WI driver license and it is current and valid, you must provide the number and expiration date. If you have not been issued a WI driver license you must provide either your WI DOT-issued ID number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security number." 

The same PowerPoint cell states that the "last four digits of the social security number are only to be used if the citizen has never been issued a driver's license or WI ID." As we just pointed out, it's a Wisconsin ID OR the last 4 digits of the SS#.

Romney Campaign PowerPoint Document
We Love Them Provisional Ballots!
Provisional ballots are rarely used. Why? Because almost everyone has a right to vote somewhere and even a person who has lived in Racine for 24 hours and can provide proof of residence can vote for the President and Vice President at the very least.

Republicans love provisional ballots because the chances that someone is going to make a trip back to the clerk's office before the end of the day on Wednesday when the election results have already been announced is slim.

They love it when people give up.

It comes as no surprise that Sesek's presentation includes information about when provisional ballots should be used - what is a surprise is how incorrect she is on the matter. Sesek names two reasons for a provisional ballot to be used:

1. "A first-time voter who registers by mail and but has failed to to provide proof of residency." This is false because Kristina leaves off the last part of the sentence in the rule: "and is unable to provide proof of residence at the polling place." Such a voter would be allowed to re-register at their polling location if they bring the proof needed. Since grandma and grandpa probably don't read the GAB website it would have been nice for sexy Krissy to at least complete the thought.

2. "An individual who registers on Election day who has a Wisconsin driver's license but is unable to provide the license number." The GAB has said recently that in a circumstance where a person does have a valid license and is absolutely unable to get that number as a last resort they will accept the last 4 digits of a social security number. Say the DOT phone line crashes on Election Day - the right to vote is considered pretty supreme and should not be abridged by a circumstance out of the voters control.

Romney campaign PowerPoint Document
Once A Felon Always A Felon
Our favorite part of the PowerPoint document is a weaselly worded description of who is ineligible to vote. Besides people who have been declared incompetent and those who have wagered on the election is the felon rule. Ms. Sesek's presentation says:
"Person has been convicted of treason, a felony, or bribery."
That's the whole sentence. Once again the Romney campaign leaves off an important part of the law. Convicted felons who have served their entire sentence and are no longer on papers are free to register and vote.

Even felons know this!

But apparently a rule so closely associated with criminal law is overlooked by the Marquette Law graduate - and grandma and grandpa can't understand why all these felons get to vote when pretty Ms. Kristina told them they can't.

Fear Of A White Van Planet
Oy the vans. Ms. Sesek offers two reasons a group of voters might arrive in a van on Election Day. They are either from a nursing home or they are out-of-state voter fraud criminals. Period. Not that they are a church group who have traditionally driven their congregants to the polls in vans, not that they are volunteer groups who have driven people to the polls for years or group homes or homeless shelters.

They are presumed to be criminals and poll observers are encouraged to photograph them and call the Republican Command Center.

Voters who have not produced valid Wisconsin driver's licenses should also be followed and photographed according to Ms. Sesek, since they don't have WI DL's they are driving illegally and poll observers should take pictures as evidence. (Because people who have Illinois DL's can't drive in Wisconsin y'all. Does Marquette give law degrees online now?)

Romney 2 by rootriversiren

Ms. Sesek also advises poll observers to photograph any vans they see with out-of-state plates - as if no one who ever rented one - especially on Election Day got rentals with only Wisconsin tags. Any van with plates from say, Illinois, must be flatland bastards driving over the border to steal our elections - not a group of church-going Racine neighbors who went in on a van from Hertz.

They really are that cynical.

So what have we learned? Well, Republican poll observers are kinda old and exclusively white - they are ashamed of who they are and why they are there - since they want to cloak themselves anonymously in polling locations. They are satisfied with a slip-shot education of voting rights especially if it is presented by a former beauty queen with a shiny new law degree that Marquette should ask her to return.

We give Sesek some credit in that she didn't portray Democrats as people who are apt to poison or lock them in a bathroom like our recent friends at True the Vote did - but least they didn't claim to be lawyers.

Ms. Sesek should answer for the inaccuracies in her presentation. If not her, then the Wisconsin Republican Party and the Romney campaign should explain why they are teaching fallacies to their volunteers on something so important as voting rights. After all, their name is on the documents.

In a special note to Kristina Sesek: Change your Linked In photo or stick with modeling full time.