Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WI Voter Protection Clusterfu@k Extravagalooza

The Romney campaign and the WI Republican party made a whole bunch of robocalls last week, starring Robin Vos asking folks to help fight voter fraud in Racine.

Who better than Little Lord Pops-the-Corn to lead the local charge against voter fraud - a little late since his out-of-state voter fraudster wife has already left the area - but better late than never.

Judging from the people we talked to who got the robocall, the WI Republican party must have used the phone book and not a list of Republican supporters...seriously everyone we know got one - and we don't know many Republicans.

That was followed up by some emails of training sessions dates. Even though the target audience was more than a little off the mark, we thought: good, the national campaign is taking ownership and being more transparent than the True the Vote folks who held their poll observer meeting in a basement in Sturtevant.

The good vibes lasted until we all saw their training materials

It was out of date, incorrect and bizarre - that is was administered by a beauty queen with a fresher, than fresh law degree was the punchline that kept it from being not so sad and lame.

Did you ever hear of anyone ever sneaking in a League of Women Voters voter protection seminar and coming out with crazy stories of fraud and conspiracy? No you haven't because the League of Women Voters teach their volunteers facts. They use materials approved by the GAB - taught by elections attorneys - not part-time models who just passed the bar.

Groups like LWV actually ask the GAB to read what they teach.

I will bet $1 trillion dollars that no one at the Wisconsin Republican Party or the Romney Campaign asked anyone to read the materials they passed out last Thursday.

Did you ever hear of Wisconsin Election Protection or the LWV not want to advertise who they are in polling places? They are the ones with the black and yellow T-shirts with their name and phone number across the backs. The Romney campaign suggested their volunteers sign in as "concerned citizens" and not GOP. Who does that?

The Republican party and the Romney campaign would like this story to go away by pretending that it's just spin. They should be so lucky.

This morning, Think Progress broke the story nationally about that little old training last week in Racine. Daily Kos and Reddit have also picked up the story. This afternoon, the Obama campaign has formally asked Wisconsin AG Van Hollen to investigate the incorrect and false information the Romney campaign has included in the Racine poll observer training - which was used across the state.

This afternoon, the Romney campaign removed the schedule of upcoming training sessions in Wisconsin from their website. So much for transparency.

If the very printed materials you use are so faulty that they trigger a national story - you are doing something wrong. If you ask your volunteers to hide their affiliation in the polling place - you are doing something wrong. If you can't just tell people the law without editing or twisting it to meet your goals - you are doing something really, really wrong.