Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Farewell Sweet Corinne

No hero, no woman, no leader has shined as bright as Corinne Owens who passed away yesterday morning in Racine. One day shy of a century old.

Ms. Owens amazing life will live on in the hearts of all those who knew her (the Siren counts herself among those lucky people) and her bravery and tenacity will be the hallmark for those who continue her fight for equality and justice.

Corrine Owens was a city treasure - gracious, feisty and she loved her community in way that few do. She understood what the problems were and dedicated her life to fixing them.

Although Ms. Owens withdrew from public life a few years ago - well into her nineties - just knowing she was there was a comfort to many. Today, we take up her cause without her - but with a blueprint that will shine a light to a better day for years to come.

The first eight minutes of this video is dedicated to Corrine Owens - please enjoy her story.

The Siren is taking a break for a few weeks. Have a wonderful holiday and we'll be back soon!