Thursday, November 1, 2012

GAB Says Romney Poll Docs Are Inaccurate & Not Just In WI

Oops. They did it again.

So the Wisconsin GAB told the Washington Post they found the written materials prepared for the Wisconsin GOP poll observers by the Romney campaign to be misleading and inaccurate.

What else could they say? They were misleading and inaccurate.

The GAB took particular exception to the GOP/Romney directive to have the poll observers obscure their affiliation when they sign in at poll locations.

Good, we did to. The GAB plans to send a letter to the Romney campaign telling them they have found problems with the curriculum.

Guess what? They didn't just do it in Wisconsin.

We're happy to report that since the Wisconsin documents were made public - some clever investigators took a look at what Romney was doing in their state. In a mere 24 hours it was discovered the poll watching program in Iowa was also bogus - teaching grandma and grandpa voter laws that didn't really exist.

Their training video gives observers instructions to contact the legal hotline if they witness voters attempting to vote without showing an ID.

Iowa doesn't have a photo ID law...voters aren't required to show an ID in order to vote. Sigh.

Republican surrogates say all this fuss about a few PowerPoint slides is just evidence of a losing team grasping at straws.


Nothing smells more like losing than having to lie about the law to your volunteers, fabricate fraudulent acts and obfuscate your identity. If that's what winning looks like, I'm a loser baby...