Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Boys Who Cry Wolf A Lot

Gone from the pages of right wing publications like the Real Debate Wisconsin blog is a picture of this guy on the left, Kyle Wood.

Kyle was a full time volunteer for Chad Lee, opponent of Mark Pocan for Congress in Wisconsin.

Kyle was taken to the hospital last Wednesday in Madison and told the most amazing story about having been beaten, threatened and vandalized for being gay and working for non-gay candidate, Chad Lee.

In addition to his injuries, Kyle claimed to have received threatening text messages from Pocan's husband, Philip Frank.

Philip Frank put out a gay hit on Kyle Wood. Completely plausible.

The Siren's kittens may be surprised to learn that indeed, Kyle Wood was lying all along. He fabricated his story and faked not just his injuries but the text messages too.

Kyle Wood has been fired and faces charges for filing a false report.

What makes people do such things? Attention? Is it a desire to win that becomes unhinged and the need to portray the other side as so evil that faking some kind of attack seems reasonable.

One thing it does is cast a great deal of doubt on other incidents that appear to be real - like the beating of Neal Kedzie's son - and make some others look like bullshit - the report of nails strewn across the parking lot at the old Sam's store in Racine just before a very well-funded teabilly jamboree. The car involved in the incident say Republican witnesses just happened to have an Obama bumper sticker on it. No one saw them throw nails however.

Completely plausible.