Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who The Fu@k Is Douglas Cannon?

Skokie attorney, Douglas Cannon
Who the fu@k is Douglas Cannon and why was he thrown out of three polling places in Racine yesterday?

The Siren's email was full of information this morning about a mysterious Skokie, Illinois lawyer who was first thrown out of Jefferson Lighthouse polling place for electioneering and then tried to sneak in to at least two more polling places with none other than Lou D'Abbraccio in tow.

We know, you're shocked.

So apparently, Cannon showed up at Jefferson in the morning and tried to rally other "concerned citizen" observers (which BTW was the punchline yesterday among the observing crowd - because they might as well have just said "republican party") to issue challenges to folks trying to register and get their vote on.

Unfortunately for Cannon, he tried his challenge cheerleading holding a clipboard adorned with Romney stickers. When the Chief had enough and saw the stickers - she put him out. But not only did she put him out - she told him he was forbidden to enter any other polling place in the city.

So what did Cannon do? He went to the Tyler-Domer polling place and tried to get in by saying he was the "personal attorney" of a woman in the polling place. How about them balls kittens?!

The Chief at Tyler-Domer put him out.

Cannon may have tried to get in at other polling places through the afternoon - the observer logs will tell - but he showed up at Mitchell Middle School polling location towards the end of the night with our favorite voter suppressor, Lou D'Abbraccio. Bad move - Lou's presence always arouses attention.

The Chief at Mitchell asked Cannon if he had signed in - he lied and said he did - and when she asked him to sign in again, he got busted and thrown out again.

Naturally, the JT got the story wrong in today's paper and Janice Martin should have done some investigating before she threw her Chief's under the bus for removing an observer too soon. They didn't and this guy was banking on the fact the Chief's were too busy to know he was moving from place to place illegally.

So who is Douglas Cannon? Well, we know he is a criminal defense lawyer from Skokie, Illinois who has a very lame website. Not much else is available about him - Willard Helander must not have been available to come to Racine yesterday.

But here's something perhaps the JT could know like if they were trying to be journalists: ask Lou D'Abbraccio why we was sneaking in to polling places in Racine with a poll observer that had already been removed by Election Chiefs?