Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Balls of Fury

This is why we can't have nice things.

In a surprise move (okay it wasn't a totally surprise move - it's been on the public agenda for a week - but who reads that?) Alderman Greg Helding made a motion last night in the Racine Common Council meeting to eliminate CAR25, the local government cable access channel, and send the discussion of its future back to the Finance Committee.

The fate of CAR25 has been a political football for weeks - with allegations of secrecy and abuse of power directed toward the Mayor and others on the CAR25 commission - even charges of bid-rigging have been referred to the district attorney's office - in the end it didn't amount to much beyond an attempt at some political mileage just in time for the spring primary election.

A coincidence, no doubt.

The move caused the JT to blast a dramatic headline this morning: Alderman: Kill CAR25. We suspect there must have been some method to Helding's madness - a Jedi mind trick to get everyone to stop yapping - because everyone (except Sarrazin) voted Helding's way.

So now, people are freaking out and the world might as well come to an end if Wayne Klingman's creepy "Racine in Ruins" the John Dickert hate-porn show won't be broadcast on public access airwaves. Klingman's viewers will have to trim their toenails with the extra time on their hands.


So what does this really mean? Not a lot.

Everyone likes CAR25 - or at least the idea of it. It is very unlikely the Finance Committee will kill the channel, we're not even sure they can. The Siren believes this was a move to get serious about what to do with CAR25 and stop fucking around like amateurs. On this point, we agree.