Thursday, January 24, 2013

Belle City Amusements

Notes from around the Rivière Root this week...

~The Racine Cable Commission voted 7 to 1 in favor of Falling Skies Skies Fall to run the beleaguered CAR25 cable station. Arguments ensued among many who have never watched the channel - and the entirety of the city fails to care.

~Voces de la Frontera went forward with their King Day celebration while the JT took the opportunity to slam them in an editorial on their Student Bill of Rights on the same day. The JT encouraged the RUSD school board not to take action on the group's proposal for reasons that are actually sound - but it was a shitty passive/aggressive move to do while the kids were outside on a very cold day celebrating the works of Dr. King.

However, Voces appeared to have made their own contribution to the crappy karma cosmos by putting on a noticeable King-less Voces floor show at their King Day dinner, trash-talking the RUSD school board during the presentation with special invitees - RUSD Superintendent Laing and other board members to suffer through. Klassy.

~Sixth Street saw yet another shooting death on it's pavement recently and a candlelight vigil for victim, Lucinda White on Tuesday night. At least 100 people attended the RIC/Women's Resource Center vigil to sing and remember White - a tragic victim of domestic violence. Chief Art Howell (who was NOT the Insider News 2012 Man of the Year) was in attendance and spoke movingly on helping to end domestic violence in Racine.