Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brave Paul Ryan Draws The Line On Spending

Enough is enough. Paul Ryan drew a line in the sand on Friday and bravely said "no more" to careless government spending by casting a no vote on the Hurricane Sandy relief package.

Just 67 Republicans had the cajones to say "getouttahere" to the people of the east coast. A man can only take so much.

After eagerly voting year after year to raise the country's debt ceiling under George Bush who also doubled the national debt. Gritting his teeth to vote in favor of the $800 billion - two page - TARP package. Favoring an easy trillion or two in spending for two wars (that they cleverly left off the books). Championing the Medicare Advantage bill that not only cost billions but specifically said the government couldn't negotiate with big pharma for drug costs. Twisting himself all pretzel-like to vote in favor of the auto bail-out and finally choosing to be the grown-up at the table and voting yes on the fiscal cliff bill - Paul Ryan could take it no more.

Maybe it was those Disney and NASCAR incentives built into the fiscal cliff bill that broke the marathoner's back - 'cause we sure know the off-shore financing loophole for GE and Caterpillar or the tax subsidies for Goldman Sachs in the bill didn't bother Ryan a lick - he HAD to say yes.

When it came to flood insurance aid to the people New York and New Jersey, Paul Ryan had to draw the line on crazy government giveaways. It would of been downright irresponsible of him!

Afterall, Paul Ryan's mother lives in Florida and they NEVER ask for disaster relief.