Friday, January 11, 2013

GOP Dumpster Diver Pleads Not Guilty To Felony

Well first Mike Ottelien had to get a lawyer...

Remember the "voter fraud" materials a "random" citizen "found" in a dumpster outside the Cesar Chavez Community Center the day after the recall election? The materials turned out to be poll worker training sheets and garbage - but caused such a ruckus that Van Wanggaard called for a recount of ballots that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars and initiated a bogus sheriff's investigation that cost even more after they found nothing.

So that "random" guy turned out to be Mike Ottelien most famous for turning up at just about everything in painter's pants and looking so uptight that people are checking to make sure he doesn't appear to have a firearm.

Ottelien was also known to drive Van Wanggaard around town when he was a senator.

Apparently, Ottelien became so distracted by uncovering fake voter fraud that he forgot to take care of his own contracting business and took a check for $4500.00 from a Caledonia lady as down payment on a roofing job the day after the election and never got around to doing the work.

Ottelein has been charged with felony theft and is out on a $3000,00 bond.

Ottelien runs several construction related businesses out of his house on Thor Avenue - Foremost Construction, MOD Decorating and JMO Investments. All - including Ottelein himself - have a long history on the Wisconsin Circuit Court website listing foreclosures, money judgements, a couple delinquent tax filings and even one for worthless check writing - that appears to have been resolved.

Ottelien is always the defendant.

Politicos around town recognize Ottelien has a FOW - friend of Wanggaard, having written campaign contribution checks for $1300.00 in 2010 alone.

The Siren is reminded of that annoying adage of when you point the finger at someone (bogus allegations of voter fraud) you have three pointing back at you (actually according to CCAP he has 17 fingers...but you get the point).