Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here Come The Spring Candidates

Looking for signs of spring? Look no farther than the announcement of candidates for the April ballot. Citizens of Racine county took but a brief pause before the campaign machinery starts back up again...but it warms the Siren's heart that are are those among us willing to subject themselves to years of village, city and school board meetings - and not just to be present mind you, but to actually pay attention from time to time.

According to the JT, the big story is that five people wish to represent the 1st District in Racine. FIVE. That of course means that there will be a primary in which tens of voters show up to cast a ballot in February. FEBRUARY.

Four residents of downtown Racine have decided that it's time for Keith Fair to go - naturally one of them is Jeff Coe, who is locked in an epic existential grudge match against Fair for all of eternity - leaving three newbies to battle among themselves to survive the primary. (Hint for newbies: you only need to find a dozen voters willing to schlep down to Festival Hall on February 19th to make it to April.)

But the real story is the race in the 3rd District.

J. Nicole Servantez (who goes by Jessica) has decided to challenge Mike Shields for his seat on the city council. Shields has held the seat against spotty and unaggressive opposition over the years. Servantez changes that. Servantez has business exposure that will be useful to her campaign in that district and name recognition to a well-known Racine family.

The Servantez family has shown a commitment to the revitalization (or at least occupying some properties) of the Uptown area and Sevantez Auto has proven to be a successful project.

This is bad news for Mike Shields.

The Racine School Board race is chock-a-block full of candidates - 10 candidates for 3 positions - with 2 incumbents in the race. Crazy Roger Pfost is running to represent the teabillies. He's the guy the JT let endorse himself on election day in an editorial - but still lost.

The school board race will be determined - as it always is - by the slate of candidates Jeff Neubauer decides he likes and backs in mailings sent out to residents. Look for Eperjesy and McKenna to have their spots already reserved. (Hint for newbies: schedule an appointment with Jeff Neubauer if you want to make it to April.)

Ah, spring is in the air. Let the games begin.