Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jeff Fitzgerald Takes Job At ALEC Scumbag Operation

Jeff Fitzgerald in better days with new Caledonia Assembly
Representative, Tom Weatherston and Speaker, Darth Vader
Yesterday afternoon, Daniel Bice over at the Journal Sentinel posted the news that former State Senator, Jeff Fitzgerald had registered as a state lobbyist. Fitzgerald, gave up his state seat and lost his bid for U.S. Senator in an embarrassing race against a tubby and seemingly inebriated Tommy Thompson.

(That they ALL lost to gayer than gay, Tammy Baldwin will be the bane of their existence for the rest of their lives -a bonus in so many ways.)

Is anyone surprised by the news that Fitzgerald will parlay his connections and fading football looks in Madison as a lobbyist? Not really. The funny thing about the story - that Bice missed - is the company Fitzgerald signed on to represent, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), is a total scumbag operation with deep ties to our favorite bribery mill - the American Legislative Exchange Council aka ALEC.

American Traffic Solutions manufacture red-light cameras that send you an automated ticket - the privatizing crowd love this shit because they replace breathing officers who belong to unions and might like to have some health coverage.

In April of 2012 - ATS announced it was not renewing it's membership to the controversial group - citing cost not public pressure to resign. A rather dubious claim since Goldman Sachs has invested millions into ATS at the same time they invested $5 billion in the parent company of Geico.

Get it - more traffic tickets issued - the more insurance rates go up for drivers who get ticketed.

ATS has fallen out of favor in some communities with whom they have contracted only to discover their contracts are extremely costly to cancel and they aren't shy about lawsuits. They are considered the mafia of traffic lights.

Naturally, ATS operates several front groups with non-threatening names like: The National Coalition for Safer Roads. Their campaign contributions have been meager by ALEC standards - $1.3 million, but look for that to increase in Wisconsin with the addition of Fitzgerald to the team.

Fitzgerald won't be lonely for lobbyist lunches - he is joined at ATS by former Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker, Steve Foti who was convicted of ethics violations. Foti was fined almost $60,000 and served 60 days in jail.

Perfect, they'll have plenty to talk about. Maybe they can help get Randy Hopper a gig - he knows a thing or two about traffic violations.