Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tea & A Cream Puff: JT's Alison Bauter Issues Puff Piece To Racine Tea Party

In a January NBC poll, Americans have a 47% disapproval rate of the Tea Party, a 49% disapproval rate of the Republican Party and a 81% disapproval rate of Congress of which native son, Paul Ryan is a hot-shot.

The disapproval rate of the Tea Party is the lowest it has ever been since Charles and David first thought of it and began bankrolling the venture a few years ago.

Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin won Racine county handily and newcomer, Rob Zerban came just about 2000 votes shy of beating golden boy, Paul Ryan. Racine county is considered a blue county once again.

That's a problem for the local franchise of the Kochotopus - the Racine Tea Party.

Americans blame the tea party for much of the gridlock in D.C. and their flagship group in Racine couldn't deliver the county for the GOP. Not to worry, the Racine Journal Times is here. With their own brand of suspended belief and selective fact-finding. JT newbie, Alison Bauter brings the kind of false relevance to the beleaguered group one can only find on Fox "News."

In a love letter disguised as an interview, Bauter lets Racine Tea Party Co-founder, Nancy Milholland write her own script. Milholland tells us she wants to host more "educational" forums in Racine. You know, the kind with only one point of view...educational!

(Pssst, Alison - did you ask her who pays for the buses, sound-systems and jumbo-trons at their educational events?)

Well of course Milholland wants to host more events, that's her job as Events Director of Wisconsin Americans for Prosperity - a small bit of background information Bauter does not disclose. Milholland has been on the Americans for Prosperity payroll for a couple of years now - her "grassroots" dedication to Racine county is subsidized by the Koch empire.

(Might have been worth a mention Alison - dontcha think?)

Bauter also lets Milholland have her way on claiming without rebuttal that the local teabillies aren't the kind of fringy nutbags Rachel Maddow likes to feature on her TV show...but they are and Milholland knows it. Hiding in plain sight all around Milholland are the "truthers," the "birthers," the Oathkeeper gun nuts and the secret FEMA camp and "doomsday preppers" who she knows by name.

Without them, no one would bother to show up at her Koch/ALEC/CATO Institute kool-aid jamboree.

Millholland is herself given to plenty of "tyranny' rhetoric on her own public Twitter account. It ain't all about the taxes kittens. This information is all pretty easy to find.

So what gives? What's with the puff-piece?

We noticed that Bauter has a rather cozy Twitter friendship with Milholland's BFF, Tamra (The fake Democrat) Varebrook. We found 39 messages between them since October. Plenty of cutsie talk since Bauter arrived in Racine last year - and it is something she doesn't do with other locals of various stripes. Could it be that Bauter just happens to like these ladies which is why she submitted a thin and overly compliant cover article in today's paper?

If so, she's found the exact right newspaper outlet to work for.

Milholland is on the payroll of one of the largest dark money, conservative political operations in the country who have fueled Wisconsin elections with millions and millions of dollars - but according to Alison Bauter, Milholland is just the leader of a local fiscal issues group. It's bullshit and this little girl is either on board with the ruse or she's stupid.