Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Hate Congress More

Who me?
Proving he is as fake as those already clean pots he pretended to clean at the homeless shelter - Paul Ryan proved to teabillies far and wide he's no true conservative by voting "aye" on the fiscal cliff compromise bill that passed Congress late last night.

Boy are they pissed.

Ryan departed company at the last minute with fellow Wisconsin politicos, Sean Duffy and Jabba the Sensenbrenner who voted against the bill along with political rival, Marco Polo Rubio.

Ryan remained mum during the day, avoiding answering press questions by wearing his ipod earbuds. After the vote he claimed he was just being a grown up having to play the hand Congress was dealt...or it was Senate Leader, Harry Reid's refusal to allow the Senate to take up any changes the teabillies in Congress decided to make. Yup, they got beat and they knew it.

So as the dust settled on a Boenher/Ryan vs. Cantor/McCarthy split displaying a clear rift within the GOP ranks, they decided to call it a day and declined not to take up emergency funding for hurricane Sandy relief - a weasel move that caused a whole separate fracas among Republicans.

So as Chris Christie was flaming on the TV, lesser noticed was Congresses abdication of the "Violence Against Women Act" which they also decided not to pursue.

Cheers, the worst Congress in history - and they just got a raise!