Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lets Connect Some More Dots

In yesterday's JT there was a sizable article at the top of the County & Region section about yet another local contractor who got arrested for taking money and not finishing the work.

It's like a virus around here lately.

Even more interesting is how this story connects to the "City Hall Slander" case that has haunted Washington Ave. since 2010.

Good old, William Bielefeldt (who got fired from City Hall for "gross negligence" and responded by trying to pass himself off as a whistleblower against the city and then just settled for suing the Mayor for slander) had one of his chickens come home to roost.

Mike Jurgens, a contractor Bielefeldt hired and supervised was sentenced to 3 years probation after receiving $125,000.00 in funds through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program for work he never completed.

Jurgens, a former felon (pictured above) should never have been hired in the first place since felons are prohibited from contract bids in these kinds of programs.

Readers will recall another Bielefeldt NSP contractor buddy (who was named as a witness in Bielefeldt's slander case), Mike Ottelien, was also charged recently in a similar case of fraud against a private citizen. Way to make all those contractor stereotypes seem true fellas.

Jurgens is presently on the hook for $35,500.00 in delinquent state income tax - so don't be looking to get paid back anytime soon.

We don't have a running total on how much all this has cost the city in legal fees - but it's a lot. In addition to his slander case which was settled after costing a bundle, Bielefeldt is also suing over his unemployment. Bielefeldt didn't get fired for taking money from the city, but it sure looks like he knew some folks who did.

Who says you can't make a buck in Racine?