Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paul Ryan Has A Sad

It has not been a great week for Paul Ryan. He started out the week going to the inauguration and got booed along the way - peasants! Then, while viewing the President's inaugural address, Ryan got bitch-slapped by the President over his incessant makers vs. takers rhetoric. Snapapalooza baby!

It had to totally suck to be Ryan just sitting there with all his buddies getting played by the President. Even Beyonce knew Obama was talking about him.

After the address, Lyin Ryan went into spin control and said he had "never" referred to Medicare or Social Security recipients as "takers" as the President suggested. So everyone went to the Google machine and by the end of the day there were more clips of Ryan saying "takers" than anyone knew existed.

The Siren was collecting links when last night, Mr. Jon Stewart, did all the work for us with a classic hilarious/scathing segment on Ryan. VoilĂ !