Friday, January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan To Headline As Turd In The Punch Bowl At Tea Party Shindig

Last December, the Racine Tea Party (aka Americans for Prosperity funded by the Koch brothers) announced it would hold a forum on January 13th about the perils of the Affordable Health Care Act in support of the Scott Walker (Koch owned governor) announcement he would decline to implement Obamacare in accordance with federal law.

To validate the discussion they invited the CATO Institute (Koch run "think" tank) to lead the discussion.

The crown jewel of the event is a coveted appearance of Wisconsin darling, Paul Ryan (R-Koch). Oh, the Original Housewives of the Racine Tea Party swooned.

Then came the fiscal cliff and Mr. Ryan's very inconvenient vote in favor of the compromise bill. Talk about awkward.

The right-wing has been aflame with indignation since the vote. The Republican Party of Wisconsin called for shame upon anyone who voted in favor of the bill and Michelle Malkin called out Ryan personally for being a sell-out. What has the Racine Tea Party had to say about Ryan's vote?


Oh, the lolz. We wonder how happy area teabillies are gonna be playing along with the program?

So for those of you taxed enough types planning to attend - do us all a favor and stop pretending that Ryan is  fiscal conservative. If this vote to raise taxes isn't enough for you, just remember Ryan voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times under Bush, doubled the national debt (which didn't even account for two wars and Medicare Advantage) and voted to bailout the auto industry.

Ryan's record as a fiscal conservative is as real as the astroturf that promotes him. Try not to laugh too hard when he talks about how raising taxes is a bad thing.