Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Remember Those BLS Jobs Numbers?

Back in the spring of 2012, Scott Walker pre-released a semi-triumphant Bureau of Labor Statistics private sector job growth report. Everyone went a little crazy because experts will tell you that these numbers are revised often to a great extent. The Siren says "semi-triumphant" because Walker wanted everyone to know in the final days before the recall election that Wisconsin had created just over 20,000 private sector jobs over the last year - a not very promising start to his campaign promise of 250,000 jobs.

So the BLS private-sector job growth for June 2011 to June 2012 came out this week showing Wisconsin ranking 42 out of 50.

Even by the most generous of grading systems - that's a solid "F."

Adding to what has become a "pile-on"  this week, the Wausau Daily Herald came out with an editorial saying Walker's mishandling of the Wisconsin Economic Development Agency in addition to his miserable jobs performance may just put Scooter out of a job next year.

It's no wonder Walker has already started to announce his reelection campaign staff - the spin can't begin early enough. Walker supporters - who are hanging on by their fingertips these days - claim that in spite of the poor performance, Walker reversed the tide of Jim Doyle's disastrous tenure.

Nice try - if it were true. The reality is Doyle had already begun a climb out of negative job numbers - and Walker squandered them.

They won't be able to blame Jim Doyle forever.