Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Conservative Argument For Mining

When conservationists and mining opponents talk about the realities of mining - the potential environmental damage, the 52 Superfund mining clean up sites already on the public dole, the inflated job potential - they tend to annoyingly bring in experts to discuss theses issues. Blah, blah, blah...droning on about geology and particles. Scientists.

Pro-mining political conservatives in Wisconsin who have already cashed big contribution checks from mining interests have found the perfect solution to counter shit like facts and science to make their case:

Make a video of a woman talking to a tree - who assures her with his cartoon lips - that mining is a-okay him and his friends in the forest.

And not just any woman wandering around the woods who happens to run into a talking tree - but Shirl LaBarre - 3 time assembly candidate from Hayward who also unsuccessfully tried to recall Republican Bob Jauch over his vote against the Walker/G-Tec sweetheart deal.

The trippy video was sponsored by Engineers Local 139, who'd be happy to design the road to hell if it meant there was a job in it for them.

THIS, kittens is the conservative argument for mining in Wisconsin. Holy crap.