Friday, January 25, 2013

Unemployment Up In 70 Out Of 72 Counties - Racine Leads Them All

Scott Walker's delusion of 250,000 new Wisconsin jobs has become a cruel joke for the unemployed in Racine.

Just two of Wisconsin's 72 counties saw a drop in unemployment in December - Racine saw the greatest increase from 11.2% to 11.9% - leading the state in unemployment yet again.

In the same week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced union membership across the country has dropped to a new low with - wait for it - Wisconsin leading the way with the biggest drop in union membership in the country. Wisconsin saw a loss of 46,000 union memberships last year. Anti-union types may cheer, but these items are not unrelated in terms of the economy for business owners.

Union members earn approx. 21% more than their non-union colleagues - that's 21% less weekly dollars spent at restaurants and grocery stores. So as teachers and city & county workers get pushed out of their jobs - less people are going out for dinner and shopping around town. And with virtually no jobs of any kind to be found in Racine - don't look for the part-time, Walmart employees to be making up the economic difference.