Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your Daily Grothman

Wisconsinites have become so accustomed to the crazy outbursts from Glenn Grothman, we have perhaps ignored the possibility that the state senator may have some kind of undiagnosed brain lesion.

Grothman came out this week in a rather routine tirade against favorite target - Planned Parenthood - but added a new twist. Grothman suggests that Planned Parent is not only "rayshist" (isn't slurring a sign of brain injury?) but is promoting sex selective abortions in the Asian Wisconsin.


Does anyone know if Grothman has taken a recent fall and possibly hit his head? Being even crazier and embarrassing than usual could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Maybe Grothman really has a great big gnarly brain tumor that once removed would suddenly make him reasonable and coherent?

Nah, we kid. Glenn Grothman is a fucking nut who should be the source of a case study and not a state senator.