Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aaaand They're Off!

The primary election results in Racine netted few surprises yesterday with one exception - Mike Frontier bested both incumbents to take the lead for Racine Unified School Board.

Frontier beat incumbents, Chris Eperjesy and Julie McKenna by 3 percentage points - which better motivate them because teabilly, Robert Wittke followed McKenna (who came in third) by just about 150 votes.

Conservative candidates, Roger Pfost and Kristie Formolo came in fifth and sixth, respectively, so they make the April ballot as well. That left newcomers Anguiano, Betker, Bryce and Brown off the ticket.

School Board races tend to play out in the general in the same order as the primary - look for the support of the bottom four candidates to swing to Frontier, Eperjesy and McKenna in April.

It's a race again between Keith Fair and Jeff Coe for the 1st district in Racine. However it's the margin in this election that is interesting - Coe beat Fair with just about 40% of the vote in a 5-way race which is kinda significant. Fair maintains two of the other candidates, Henderson and Harmon (both African American) were recruited to split the minority vote. Fair is probably flattering himself since they both maintain he's full of it - they wanted to win. We don't see their voters swinging towards Fair in the general election.

The contests between Fair and Coe have gone to the courts before, this time it will start in one. With Keith Fair's felony court date looming in March - a conviction would make him ineligible to run for local office which is now assured in April. Even with a fortuitous delay in the trial, we wonder how many people are willing to cast a vote for a guy who is one jury decision from being put out of office?

No matter what happens with the trial, the press it is sure to receive will not be helpful to Fair in this rematch. It will test Fair's voter loyalty downtown and be a very interesting race to watch.