Thursday, February 28, 2013

Badger Lawmen: The Quick And The Dumb

First, the Quick:

Milwaukee Police Chief, Ed Flynn, made national news yesterday because of his fiery testimony before a Senate committee hearing on the assault weapons ban. Flynn got into it with Senator Lindsey Graham over background checks - we didn't think it was possible to make Graham look even more smarmy than he is, but Flynn managed to do it.


What the 2A fans (that's special Twitter type lingo for the 2nd Amendment crowd - you know, the pry my gun from my cold dead hands peeps - who are also, by the way, notorious party buzz harshers) don't want to talk about is how law enforcement favors the assault weapons ban. Let's face it, chances are if anyone is going to get shot at with a semi-automatic assault weapon it's probably going to be a cop before it's you.

Not only does law enforcement like the assault weapons ban - they also like universal background checks. Since a shitload of guns out there have no paper trail - that means to the police that they are stepping into a lot of situations where guns are probably present - making them less safe.

The junior G-men members of the 2A team would prefer it if the general public didn't know that law enforcement thinks they are as bed-bug-banana-pants crazy as the Siren does.

So let's talk about special video guest star, Nik Clark, from Wisconsin Carry. Until this video, the Siren had heard his name but never saw an image of him. We aren't exactly what we had pictured, but a refrigerator sized juice king is definitely not what we had in mind. This guy is so pumped up that his ever-present Glock pistol looks teeny-tiny - which in turn must be HUGE compared to his toddler sized penis from all the steroids.

No wonder this guy has fought so hard to bring his gun everywhere he goes.

Speaking of penises, the Dumb:

Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, is continuing his interview process with right-wing media for a job as some kind of teabag pundit. He doubled down on the crazy talk by saying that Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele, has a bit of "penis envy" and isn't used to to taking "a back seat to anyone, especially some black conservative sheriff."

That's a two-fer with a twist in case you're keeping track at home - the penis card AND the race card combined with the backseat reference for the twist - all in one sentence no less.

After folks found out Clarke was using taxpayer dollars to run his The-Police-Ain't-Coming-So-You-Better-Buy-A-Gun public service announcements he had to get busy finding his next gig. The next logical step when the crazy won't get you elected is conservative radio.

The only question may be whether he will be on before or after Charlie Sykes.