Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bankrupt JT Wonders If Public Access Chanel Is A Luxury In Racine

With the owners of the Journal Times, Lee Enterprises still under bankruptcy protection financing and a steady drop in yearly circulation sales since...well forever now - The Journal Times issued an editorial board op-ed wondering if CAR25 the public information and access channel is a luxury for the city to run during these times of austerity.

Hmmmm. Free local information about events and activities in the city that gets beamed into any house that has basic cable television. What possible reason could the JT have for advocating eliminating that?

Look, we're not saying they may not have a point that a city television station is a nice perk especially if you are in the business of shutting off street lights - but the cable companies pay the city far more than it costs to run it. We think the JT has a pretty strong incentive to support limited and profit driven information access - which make their musings on the subject not so very altruistic - don'tcha think?