Saturday, February 9, 2013

Belle City Amusements

~ The City Hall Haters Club are in full spin control this morning as the settlement between John Dickert and disgruntled former city employee, William Bielefeldt was revealed.

Bielefeldt fought very hard to keep the settlement Dickert paid a secret - now we know why - it was $5,000. That figure basically covered his attorney and that's about it.

A settlement out of court of basically nothing means Bielefeldt didn't much like his chances in the court room. Naturally his supporters (many a NSP contractor who thrifted the city out of work they didn't complete) are trying to say good ol' Bill wasn't in this for the money - it was his reputation he wanted back.

Well congratulations are in order - Mr. Bielefeldt is now known as the guy who mismanaged tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars for a program in which some contractors not only didn't do the work they were paid to do with public funds, but some may have never even bid or obtained permits on those unfinished jobs.

Many contractors did a wonderful and ethical job - but Bielefeldt got fired over those that didn't.

Bielefeldt then parlayed his loss into an unemployment lawsuit that is still pending and a lucky (for him) but unfortunate comment made by the Mayor on the radio - resulting in yet another lawsuit which has cost Racine $100,000.00 in legal fees. (Those of you losing streetlights might want to take special exception to that lost money) In the end he settled for nothing but cost the taxpayers quite a bit. William Bielefeldt didn't "steal" money from City Hall, he took it the old fashioned way - with a lawyer.

Reputation intact, sir.

~ Did you see the story this week about the fellow who owns the old Grounds Keeper on Main Street renamed "Bare Coffee" and how after about a year and a half in business - he is closing the store. That's not good news and it's a shame - however the story took a bizarre twist when it was reported that the owner, Michael Young, said farewell to his last customers by posting to his Facebook page this:

No doubt his customers will miss his bright and breezy presence on Main Street. But the story got funnier when former customers weighed in the comments section about what a low-life - not mention lousy barista - they thought Young was. Comments about his tendencies to use his coffee shop as a soap box to hate on Racine to unsuspecting customers were especially humorous to us because that was our exact experience the one (and only) time the Siren patronized his establishment. 

But it was one comment (that has sadly been deleted) in the story that perhaps the funniest we have ever seen. Written by a man who said he had once worked for Young who hated him so much that he waited until Young's daughter turned 18 and promptly deflowered her just to get back him. 

Some days, small towns are just too awesome.