Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Siren: Worst Campaign Strategy Ever

Ooh la la, we have a guest Siren today kittens!

I am heart warmed and grateful that The Siren has invited me to her venue to add some of my own bitching to the site. Of course I jumped at the chance because, let’s face it – this blog is way cooler. Alright, onto the blatherings.

Apparently, Keith Fair doesn't like his job as Alderman very much. I sure can't say that I blame him one bit. But what’s odd is the fact that he is running for yet another term and the election is mere weeks away.

Wait...first...some background...
So, I have bitched about the CAR 25 fiasco in the recent past. You can read about it on my site HERE and HERE or from The Siren HERE and HERE.  Well, last week, City Council approved the negotiation of a contract with, Skies Fall Media Group, with a 10 - 4 vote. Alderpersons who voted against the contract were Sandy Weidner, Mike Shields, Krystyna Sarrazin and, of course, Keith Fair, who has been very vocal about his opposition. In fact, I think CAR 25 may just be his Moby Dick (ert).

After the vote last Wednesday, Alderman Fair left the chambers without notice. He simply disappeared into the smoke streaming from his very own ears.

But he didn't leave before announcing that our local government was a dictatorship. I don't know about all dictatorships - I am really only familiar with the fantasy of one in my own home - but usually a dictator does not allow the minions a chance to speak several times each. Everyone had many opportunities to voice their concerns, to attempt to sway the other voters and to plead their cases. And I am pretty certain a dictatorship wouldn't take a vote in the first place.

As you may know, there are a couple of local blogs about Racine’s issues and politics which present with a very strong anti-City Hall, anti-Mayor motive. They smell potently of vengeance and bitterness. These blogs are written and supported by (mostly) men who have various reasons for being hostile with the Mayor or the city...usually personal.

Some have been sued by the city. Some have lost to him in previous elections. Some do not like his liberal leanings. And some are simply moody because they still haven't made it out of their moms’ basements and skid-marked Underoos.

I have tried reading some of their blogs on this topic...but it was difficult trying to comprehend a sentence with their interesting take on grammar. And I say that with full disclosure that I am personally a terrible speller and make many errors.  I don't expect much. Really. But come on, guys.

The many comparisons to various world dictators were quite clear, however.  It seems to be their running theme they find utterly hilarious. They remind me of that drunken uncle who tells the same joke over and over every single holiday and is usually the only one laughing. Poor, awkward Uncle Gary.

Anyway, today’s fluttering from those in the know is that Alderman Fair has said he will no longer be participating in City Council meetings. After last week’s CAR 25 vote and before the meeting adjourned, he took his deflated ball and said he is not coming' back - so suck it!!

In fact, Monday night's finance meeting had to be cancelled because they did not have a quorum. And, yes, Fair was absent without a word. So it appears there may be some real merit to this rumor. The finance meeting has been rescheduled - we'll see who shows up.

As we see it now, we have this guy who made it through the 1st Aldermanic District primary and will be up for an election on April 2nd. If he is convicted of his pending charges before the election, this may be inconsequential. But if he is not found guilty, and he wins over opponent, Jeff Coe, the 1st District will have their representation in the hands of someone whom would rather stomp away rather than stay and face other responsibilities. Because let’s face it…CAR 25 is so NOT the most pressing issue facing this city.

Don’t we all learn at some point in life that no matter how right you believe your position to be...sometimes you still friggin lose? Get up and move on to the next fight. You don't run away, pout and then expect people to vote you right back into the same position you clearly hate. Bad form, dude, bad form.